Monday, December 2, 2019

Santa Clara University Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament

Santa Clara University Invitational Speech and Debate tournament happened over Thanksgiving Break and the Mountain House Mustangs have much to be thankful for!

  • Astrid Mann, Komal Vij, Rithanya Sivasubrahmanian and Nabeeha Ali all broke into the Original Oratory (OO) Semifinals and Astrid Mann got to finals!
  • Ananya Domala making it to the finals in Expository (EXPOS)
  • Isaac Magpoc making it to the finals in (POI) Programmed Oral Interpretation;
  • Sumaiya Alvi making it to the finals in Oratorical Interpretation (OI)
  • Aashril Shazar and Dhruva Kolikineni making it to semi-finals in Impromptu (IMP) and Octofinals in Parliamentary debate.  (As an impressive side note, these guys are ranked in the top 20 of the country for Parliamentary Debate!!!!! Whooooo-hoooooo!!!)
While these listed are taking home trophies, everyone that attended and engaged in intellectual exchange or learned something new, shared their passion, told a story and used their voice.  They are truly all winners.  They are all taking home more than awards, they take home the gift of critical thinking, open-mindedness, storytelling, and the gift of speaking up for what they believe.

Fashion Club Winter Dreams Gift Fair

MHHS Fashion Club is hosting their Winter Dreams Gift Fair this Friday on the quad from 10:30AM until 4PM. Rain or shine meet us under the arches for a chance to see the most unique gifts which are all hand made. Prices are reasonable with gifts for all occasions starting at $2.00 and up. Visit us and get a Hot Chocolate and a gift for your BFF or family member! Sign up in Flex Time to join us.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

EPIC Students at Hansen Elementary

Last week, students in MHHS's EPIC academy visited Hansen Elementary school to participate in the EPIC Reading Buddies outreach partnership.  EPIC students will come and work with their elementary school buddies as part of their "leave to learn" hours.  Students work with Hansen elementary children to reinforce vocabulary and focus skills during their reading time.

Winter Wonderland Activity

What:  Winter Wonderland Event
Who: All Families in Mountain House
When: November 30th
Time: 4pm - 8pm
Place: MHHS Multi-Use Room

Attention Lammersville Unified School District Families:

Before we go onto Thanksgiving Break, MHHS Leadership would like to invite all of you to our Winter Wonderland Fundraiser! This event will take place on November 30th from 4-8pm in the MPR. It will include pictures with Santa, crafts, music, games, prizes, and much more to get everyone in the Christmas mood! There will also be certain purchases within the event.
Ticket Prices: Kids (children 8th grade + below & MHHS students w/ ID): $3 Adults (adults & MHHS students w/out ID): $5 Everyone in the community is welcome to attend so be sure to bring your friends and family! See you there!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Annual White Coat Mentor Dinner

On November 8, 2019, thirty-plus local scientists and health care professionals came together with ninety students in the Biomedical Pathway at Mountain House High School.  The dinner provided an opportunity for students to learn more about a variety of careers by giving them face-to-face time with industry mentors.   Dinner this year was catered by Yafa Hummus. Everyone agreed that it was very tasty. 

The evening also provided a chance for MHHS to showcase our Biomedical program.  In addition to speaking with the students, mentors were given a taste of the program with a gallery walk of scientific posters.  The posters summarized a physiology research study that the students designed, conducted and statistically analyzed. Students stood by their posters, summarizing their work and answers questions.  After the gallery walk, fourteen of the students were awarded certificates of membership to the National Technical Honor Society. These students have excelled in academics both in their general classes and within the pathway.  They also participated in activities above and beyond their regular classes to enhance/advance their knowledge of health and science.  

The culminating event of the evening was the White Coat Ceremony.  The “White Coat” is seen as a symbol of authority and professionalism in the health care community (American Medical Association).  At Mountain House High School students in the Medical Interventions class receive a “White Coat” as a symbol of their academic achievement and professionalism.  The students also swear a modified Hippocratic Oath which expresses the code of conduct for physicians. 

Mountain House High School would like to thank everyone who participated in a wonderful evening. 

Inaugural Mountain House Invitational Band Competition

Mountain House High School was proud to host our Inaugural Mountain House Invitational Band Competition, sponsored by the Western Band Association.  Bands came from all over the Bay Area to our beautiful campus on a windless warm Fall Evening to compete and be judged.  Small bands of about 25 students from San Jose, all the way to the largest band of over 300 students from Pleasanton came to compete.  Thousands of spectators came to watch the competition. 
HUGE thanks go out to our MHHS VAPA Boosters who volunteered their time to set up and run this event. 
Our Mustang Brigade competed in the competition as well, and we came through with a first place win in our category!

Friday, November 8, 2019

MHHS Digital Art Wins Again!

Let's congratulate MHHS Digital Art Pathway student, Jordyn Kusaba, for winning the upcoming 2020 Grand Film Festival poster contest. That win will get her a $500 monetary award. Jordyn is hard at work planning her future education and career plans in Digital Design. Her poster was selected out of 20 entries, all of which will be showcased during the 2020 Grand Theatre Film Festival. The film festival has entries from around the globe and we will keep you updated in case you would like to attend the event in early 2020.

This year MHHS has some amazing digital artists. If you are new to MHHS this is our third Grand Film Festival Poster win - are we a bit jaded by yet another win?? -- NEVER, these students are competitive and hard at work sharpening their skills for next year!

2015 - First win awarded to MHHS alumni Nikita Nair
2019 - Second win awarded to MHHS Students Atharva Sompura & Rahul Dighe
2020 - Third win to Jordyn Kusaba

Sleep Does a Body Good

Parents love the calm and quiet bedtime brings, but do you know just how important those sleeping hours are to the growth and development of your child? 
According to John Hopkins Medicine, kids who get a good night of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, and memory as well as better physical and mental health.   Sleep can also prevent high blood pressure, obesity, and depression. 
Here are a few tips on prioritizing a good night of sleep for all family members.

Healthy Sleeping Habit Tips:

  • Children aged 6-13 should be getting 9-11 hours of sleep a night. 
  • Create a consistent bedtime routine with lights out at the same time each night.
  • The bedroom should be dark, cool, and quiet. 
  • Keep televisions, phones, and computers out of the bedroom.

For more information on sleep and children, please visit

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Class Sweatshirts On Sale

What:  Class Sweatshirts on Sale
When:  NOW until Friday 11/8/19 at 4:30 P.M.
Cost:  $25
Where:  Online ASB Store HERE or in person at the ASB Bank in the main office. 

FLASH SALE!!!!  Get your class sweatshirts TODAY.  Sweatshirts are pre-order only and will be delivered in two weeks.  Students, get yours today.  Parents, this could be a great holiday gift for your students!  Buy online HERE or in person at the ASB Bank in the Main office!


Winter Spirit Days Are Coming

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Speech and Debate Glitter and Gold

This past weekend our speech and debate team tackled the competition at the University Of The Pacific Invitational and their performances were undeniably unbelievable! Our students competed against over 1000 students from across the state and we are so incredibly proud of their efforts and their outcomes. 

Please give your  CONGRATULATIONS to the following:


Aashril Shazar & Dhruva Kolikineni 2ND PLACE VARSITY PARLI



Subhan Baig 3RD PLACE NOVICE LD Debate

Please be sure to congratulate them on their victories!

As was the case last time, we wanted to highlight the tinsel, but we also wanted to focus the spotlight on one of our own team members who actually lost in a semi-final competition. 

After a brutal semi-final round loss, against a close friend and fierce competitor from Enochs, hearts were hurting and words could have too ... but the choice made by Immanuel Victor showed immense integrity. Rather than sulking and lamenting, although he took a moment to mourn his loss, he chose to turn around the attitude and support his friend in the finals. We call it "prepping out a competitor." In short, he sat down to strategize with the guy who just beat him with how he could win the whole tournament. This is incredibly generous because a full-ride scholarship was attached to that win.

As it turns out, Nick, the other competitor, did, in fact, end up winning!!

However, the "wins" don't stop there.  Like an unexpected encore, Nick returned the favor to Immanuel (without him knowing) when he went to the tournament director, the coach of UOP, and suggested that his friend Immanuel be asked to join the team as well; offering to share his newly acquired financial help, as they were "both worth it!"

AMC 8 Math Competition

What:  AMC 8 Math Competition Fundraiser
Who:  Any LUSD student 6th-8th grade
When:  November 12th
Time:  4:00 P.M. - 5:15 P.M.

MHHS Math club is running this year's AMC 8 math competition for all 6th-8th-grade students.  Space is limited, so sign up today at

The cost for the test is $20 and is non-refundable.  You must purchase by November 3rd to participate.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Jannat Ashfaq - Senior - Cal-HOSA State Officer - Region 1 Vice President

A report by Jannat Ashfaq:

In September, I went to Washington DC for the HOSA Future Health Professionals Washington Leadership Academy.  I met the HOSA Executive Council and had the opportunity to network with state officers from all over the nation.  The theme of the Academy was "Being a Positive Influence". Through a variety of activities, a little bit of madness and a lot of bonding, we learned the importance of trust, credibility, diversity, and gratitude. The lessons that stand out include - you must establish trust between you and those you want to lead and there needs to be a sense of thankfulness and gratitude between you and the other HOSA members.

We toured various industry sites, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH). There I participated in a virtual reality set for a clinical trial. Another very educational experience was visiting Capitol Hill. I met with Congressman McNerney from our district.  I explained to him how HOSA has changed my life. HOSA has taught me how to truly be a servant leader, the importance of passion, the dedication it takes to be an effective leader and the self-confidence you need to have to do all of the above.  We also discussed the Perkins Act, which is the bill that funds CTE programs, including HOSA.  I asked for continued support for the Perkins Act.  At the end of the meetings, I was offered an internship at his Stockton office to help promote awareness of the Perkins Act. This experience has definitely taught me the importance of our voice in what happens with our nation.

The final part of the Academy was a tour of Washington DC at night. Being able to see the history of this nation was interesting and eye-opening.  Overall the trip was amazing and truly taught me skills that can improve my leadership skills and the way I overall present myself.

Keep Calm and Get the Flu Shot

The Influenza (flu) season is upon us, which is typically October through March.  The flu is an easily spread respiratory tract infection caused by a virus.  An average of 5% to 20% of people in the U.S. get the flu each year, with more than 900,000 hospitalized last years from the illness.
We are asking for your help to keep everyone safe this flu season by getting vaccinated. There are those that can fight off the infection, however, those same individuals can still spread the virus to individuals that can't. This puts anyone you interact with at risk, including the groups that are at higher risk of serious illness and death from flu complications:

  • Older Adults
  • Pregnant Women
  • Young Children
  • Individuals with weakened immune systems and other chronic medical conditions

Some simple steps to help stop the spread of germs year round:

  • Always practice good hand hygiene
  • Stay home when you are sick. 
  • Wipe down counter tops, desks, and areas that are frequently used.
  • Always sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Avoid sharing items like food, beverages, utensils, towels, hair brushes, and lip balm.

Additional tips to help keep you, your family and our community healthy this flu season can be found by visiting