Monday, October 26, 2020

Halloween Adventures

Hey Mustang Ohana

The yearbook always has a spread dedicated to covering our Halloween adventures. We would like to do the same this year. Please send your Socially Distanced Halloween pictures to Mrs. Nunn at, or post to Social Media with the hashtag #MHHSHalloween.  If the pictures need an explanation please add it to the email. We look forward to seeing what you all do during our Quarantine Halloween!

Ivy League Info session for Black/African American Students

This message is going out to all of our Black/African American students at MHHS.  The College Board is running a workshop on October 28th at 4 P.M. where admissions representatives from the 8 Ivy League Schools are speaking to African American students who are considering applying to any of the Ivy League Schools.  All students, regardless of GPA or SAT/ACT test scores, are encouraged to apply. 

Ivy League Schools include the following:
  • Brown
  • Columbia
  • Cornell
  • Dartmouth
  • Harvard
  • Princeton
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale
The "Real Talk" college series is designed to connect Black/African American students with admissions representatives from universities across the country.  This event is for students, parents, and educators.  Admissions representatives will share important information about the admissions process and campus life.  They will even be answering questions in real time during the Q & A portion of the event.
We encourage our students to register today!  Click on the link here:

Learn how to make your dream a reality!  

School Day Shift

On Monday, November 2, 2020, students will have the day off for instruction.  No assignments will be assigned for that day, and students will not be expected to come to any virtual classes that day.  Due to the fact that students will be off, we will be shifting our school days during that week.  Here is what the schedule will look like:

Tuesday 11/3:  Periods 1, 2, Advisory, 3, 4

Wednesday 11/4:  Periods 1, 2, Advisory, 3, 4

Thursday 11/5: Periods 5, 6, Advisory, 7

Friday11/6:  Periods 5, 6, Advisory, 7

Check out page 4 of our Bell Schedule Document for the specific bell schedule for the week.  

There will be no asynchronous day for that week of school due to the Monday off.  While students are off on Monday the 2nd, teachers will be engaging in professional development during the day, so teachers will not be available.  We suggest that students use the day to catch up on work if they are behind, or to rest if they are on-track or ahead.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Red Ribbon Week 10/26 - 10/30

If you haven’t heard, next week is Red Ribbon Week (10/26-10/30)!!!  MHHS Leadership has made two fun activities for everyone to participate in all next week! We know everyone is concerned about the pandemic, but drug and alcohol abuse is especially important in times like these where anyone may feel more vulnerable. Leadership has taken into thought how we can still be safe while participating in red ribbon week so don't worry! 


From Monday through Wednesday, dress up and post a picture of you in ALL RED to show your support to be drug-free! When everyone submits their pictures we are going to create a MHHS Red Ribbon week collage to show MHHS supporting the importance of Red Ribbon week and its cause to be drug-free! Make sure to tag the MHHS Leadership social media accounts (instagram or twitter) and use your class hashtags to receive 5 class points!



OR  DM your picture to the leadership accounts so we can include each and every one of you in the MHHS Red Ribbon week collage! 


On Wednesday, you will have the opportunity to come to the MHHS front office from 8am to 12pm to pick up your red ribbon to tie around the community!

Procedure for picking up Red Ribbon Material 

- Students/Parent will enter through the main gate and park their vehicles in the parking lot

- All individuals are required to wear a mask 

- Students will wait in line prior to entering the office and will wait 6 ft apart. Please refer to the markers on the ground to remain socially distant 

-Once allowed in, students will give their first and last name and be given red ribbon items 

- To minimize the number of individuals on campus and to promote social distancing, parents please remain in your vehicle 

- Once you have picked up your items, you will return to your vehicle 

- For any students who are unable to attend the designated pick times this week, please contact Mr. Pannu via email at 

On Thursday and Friday, tie your red ribbon around the community to show your support and spread awareness about Red Ribbon week! For example, you can tie it on your doorknob, your car, your mailbox, around a tree, or even a pole in front of your house. Make sure to take a picture, post it on social media using the class hashtags to receive 5 class points!

By participating in both activities next week, not only can you earn up to a total of 10 class points per person and also show your support for Red Ribbon week!!!

Always remember who you are, what you represent, and to show your Mustang Pride!!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Teen Depression and Anxiety in the Time of Quarantine

Teen Depression and Anxiety in the time of Quarantine
by Nurse Christina

Covid-19 has taken its toll on everyone, but the pandemic has proven especially hard for the teen
population. A reported, 7 out of 10 teens have struggled or are currently struggling with their mental health during quarantine. That’s 70%! So, it is no surprise that teen depression and anxiety have reached new heights in 2020.

With teens stuck at home,  more than two-thirds of their waking hours are spent looking at a screen, whether it’s on their computer for distance learning, or on their phone watching the newest Tik-Tok challenges, or even their

TV binging the latest Netflix series; this increase in screen time suppresses the natural production of Melatonin. And thus the cycle begins. Less sleep equals more stress, more stress triggers anxiety, and a constant feeling anxiousness leads to depression. This destructive cycle must be broken in order to thrive.

How is the cycle broken? Meditation or Yoga could be the answer.

Meditation and Yoga are known to relieve the body of stressors thereby creating a state of mindfulness. Yoga’s predetermined poses and mediation’s focused breathing activate the relaxation response of the vagus nerve , which then signals to the parasympathetic nervous system to engage, causing your body to conserve energy, decrease heart rate, increase intestinal and gland activity, and then finally the relaxation of the sphincter muscles in the gastrointestinal tract; basically taking your body to its happy place.

Additionally, yoga increases the production of Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), an inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain known for producing a calming effect to assist in decreasing stress, anxiety, and fear, so GABA is good! Then there’s the breathing exercises, these exercises are a must when performing your mediation or yoga routine but they can also be an effective tool for teens to use independently when feeling stressed, angry, anxious, or even during periods of insomnia. Try the Box Breathing Exercise for a quick and easy go-to relaxation exercise.

Try these out!

©      5 minute meditation you can do anywhere

©      2 minute Breathing Bubble

©      Yoga.ed-Teen Yoga Series

©      Rainbow Yoga with Adriene

©      Yoga for the classroom with Adriene


Even in the darkest of days, there is light. Do not give up, hope is all around you.

 If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please visit these resources:

Teen Health and Wellness Hotlines 

Monday, October 19, 2020

BEAR Science Olympiad Tournament

Despite the pandemic, the Mountain House High School Science Olympiad Blue team competed in the BEAR Science Olympiad tournament.  This was the first ever virtual tournament.  It was also the largest tournament in the history of Science Olympiad with 203 High School Division teams and 98 Middle School teams.  The following MHHS students gave award-winning performances at this event.  With so many competitors all at once, placing in events was extremely competitive.  Please join us in congratulating the following students:

6th place in Helicopters:  Elizabeth Varghese & Tina Le

8th place in Dynamic Planet:  Jacqueline Prawira & Sakina Muckadam

10th place in Protein Modeling:  Alicia Roice, Aarush Madella, and Sree Subramanian

12th place in Geologic Mapping:  Jacqueline Prawira & Cindy Ta

Honorable Mention goes to the following students for their noteworthy performances:

Erin Su, Tina Le, and Pavana Bathula in Experiment & Data Analysis

Jacqueline Prawira & Cindy Ta in Water Quality

Jacqueline Prawira & Sree Subramanian in Fossils

Additional thanks goes out to our new coach, Lisa Boulais!

Friday, October 16, 2020

Calling All Writers, Photographers, Journalists!

Did you know that MHHS has a student-run newspaper?  We do!  The student run newspaper at MHHS is called "The Mustang Writer" and is an online newspaper run by the students at MHHS.  This year it is being run as a newspaper club due to low enrollments in the class, so we are looking for a few good writers to fill leadership positions, write articles, take photographs, and help with the design of our online newspaper.  Our goal this year is to have weekly articles throughout the year, and to do a few special printed editions. 

Being a member of our journalism club and newspaper is an activity that looks great on college applications, and can provide you with a creative outlet to inform readers about the things that impact the students here on our campus.   Visit our current newspaper website here: 

Students who are interested in being a part of the The Mustang Writer should contact Mrs. Nunn at

MHHS Students Honored with Spots in Virtual Marching Band

Please join us in congratulating Ashley Nguyen and Aldrich Yanga!  These 2 students earned a spot in the Western band Association Virtual Marching Band. They were required to audition demonstrating high level skills on their instruments. The required exercises consisted of the All State Honor Band scales and excerpts for the winds and exercises from the Concord Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps for Percussion. 

Ashley earned a spot in the front ensemble and Aldrich earned overall 1st Chair on Flute and a coveted Marimba 1 part in the front ensemble. 

These students competed against students throughout the state of California, Arizona, and Nevada for these spots. 

We are so proud of our students who continue to distinguish themselves and our school even during the pandemic.

1st Quarter Grades Posted

The 1st quarter of the 2020-2021 school year at MHHS has been completed, and student grades for the 1st quarter report card are now available.  Students and parents should be able to access their report card grades by logging in to the Aeries Portal HERE.  Students and parents should be aware of the following in relation to their quarter report card:

  • Quarter Grades are not "official" grades as they are NOT included on the permanent student transcript
  • Quarter Grades give you a good idea of student mastery of concepts half-way through the first semester.
  • You will receive ONE MORE progress report card before the end of the semester when permanent grades are recorded.  That progress report will be posted to Aeries on 11/13/2020
  • Students who have multiple D/F grades should expect to meet with their counselor during Parent-Teacher-Student conferences.  Students with fewer D/F grades will have Parent-teacher-student conferences their individual teachers.
As always, parents and students who are concerned about their grade at this time should contact their teachers to talk about how they might be able to improve their performance and demonstrate mastery of skills and concepts in their classes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

MHHS Return To School

Lammersville Unified School District and Mountain House High School have been given the go-ahead to move forward with on-campus instruction on January 4, 2021.  We are excited to be back together again and at the same time, we want to be cautious to ensure the safety of all teachers, students, and classified staff on our campus.  

Our district has been in consultation with the County Department of Public Health {CDPH} to determine reopening our schools. With the downgrade in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in San Joaquin County, the County Department of Public Health has deemed it safe to begin a return to in-person instruction. While the direction from the county office actually allows us to return to campus without any reduced number of students, our board of trustees and district administration has decided to take a slower approach out of an abundance of caution.  

Prior to the student's return to campus on January 4th, faculty and staff will return to campus before Winter Break to collaborate around the new format and schedule for in-person instruction, and to walk through safety and sanitation protocols.  

For more information about health and safety protocols in relation to the return to school, we encourage our students and families to refer to the MHHS COVID-19 Guidance document.  Please also pay special attention to the mask expectations for all students, faculty, and staff.  Parents will also be required to self-assess their child’s health every morning before sending them to school by using the Daily Screener tool.   

In addition, we encourage our families to visit our COVID-19 Guidance webpage on our website.

In preparation for students’ return to campus, we want to go through basic safety and sanitization protocols with our community so that we follow the precautionary measures needed to minimize potential exposure, and to talk about effective sanitization procedures that will be in place for all students, faculty, and staff.  The administration will be holding our student safety protocol meeting for parents, students, and the community during the regularly scheduled School Site Council Meeting on November 18, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.  This meeting will be held virtually, and administrators will be available for questions and answers at this time.  Links to this meeting will be available at a later date.  

When students return to campus, MHHS will be splitting our campus into two different cohorts based on their ID number.  Our goal is to minimize the number of students on campus and in classrooms during the school day.  Students with even ID numbers will be in Group A and Students with odd ID numbers will be in Group B.  Students in the same family will be placed in the same cohort group regardless of their ID number.  

Our bell schedule will remain the same, however, students will only come to campus 2 days each week depending on their cohort group.  Students in group A will attend periods 1-4 on Monday, and periods 5-7 on Thursday.  Students in group B will attend periods 1-4 on Tuesday, and periods 5-7 on Friday.  Wednesday will be a distance learning day. 

We are excited to welcome our students back to campus this year.  We want to be open, transparent, and collaborative as we develop plans and procedures moving forward.  If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, we welcome your input, and will do our best to actively solicit feedback.


MHHS Administration

Main Points Bulleted List

  • County Public Health Department has moved us to “Red” and allows us to return to campus with safety and sanitization measures in place.

  • LUSD has decided to take a measured approach to come back with the hybrid cohort model until further notice.

  • Students will Return to school on 01/04/2021

  • MHHS COVID-19 Document has specifics about health and safety protocols.  

  • Pay special attention to mask expectations and self screening guidelines

  • Student population will be split in half using ID numbers with Group A (even) and Group B (Odd)

  • Same bell schedule established during distance learning will be followed

  • Group A will come to school on Monday (Period 1-4) and Thursday (Period 5-7)

  • Group B will come to school on Tuesday (Period 1-4) and Friday (Period 5-7)

  • Student and Parent Safety meeting will be held during School Site Council on 11/18/2020 at 7:00 P.M.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

What:  D/F Intervention Meetings and Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences
Who:  ONLY students with failing grades  
When:  October 19th through October 23rd
Where:  Virtual Meetings on Zoom and Google Meetings

The end of the first quarter is upon us, which means parent-student-teacher conferences are coming up.  Due to the unique circumstances of this school year, our traditional drop-in conferences held in the large gym will not be possible.  Our focus for parent-student-teacher conferences will be focused on students who have fallen far behind, and are receiving failing grades in their classes.  During these meetings parents, students, counselors, and teachers will discuss strategies for success and grade improvement.  The focus of this meeting will be to come up with solutions on how to better support the student.

Please read below for more information about the type of meeting parents and students will be asked to attend:

Students receiving multiple failing grades--Intervention Meetings

Counselors will schedule an intervention meeting for these students during the week of conferences.  Students who are invited to a counselor meeting will not receive an invitation to a conference with specific teachers.   

Students with fewer failing grades--Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

These students and parents will meet individually with each teacher on parent-teacher-student conference day, October 21st.  Teachers will schedule these meetings via email.  Please look for conference invitations in your email in the coming week.  

All meetings this year will be virtual over Zoom or Google Meetings.

Parents of students who do not have failing grades, but wish to contact the teacher to discuss student progress, should email the teacher directly.

We look forward to communicating about student progress and working together with students and their families to ensure student success.

Awards and Honors Webpage

Mountain House High School offers many opportunities for students to distinguish themselves over the course of their high school career.  Working towards gaining official recognition and distinction over your high school career is not only a rewarding pursuit, but it gives you experiences that build character and prepare you for your next step in college, careers and beyond.  As you go through your high school career, it is important that you know what options are available for students to distinguish themselves.  We have developed a webpage to help you understand what kinds of awards and honors we offer at MHHS, and how you might work to become recognized for your hard work, both in and out of the classroom.

Check out our new Honors and Awards Webpage on the Mountain House High School Website for more information.

Senior ID Pictures

What:  Senior ID Card Pictures
When:  Wednesday 10/14
Time:  8:00am to 1:00pm
Place:  Gym

This post is for SENIORS ONLY!

SENIORS!  Don't forget that Wednesday 10/13 is your Senior ID picture day.  All seniors are REQUIRED to take an ID picture.  

Since your official yearbook photo is your formal senior photo, we get to have a little fun with your ID picture.  If you choose to do so, your ID card picture can be a themed, or silly picture.  Come up with some silly costumes, zany ideas, and have some fun with your senior year ID picture.  If you don't know what we're talking about, take a look at this link for some ideas:  CLICK HERE

REMEMBER, you cannot wear a mask, and the picture is only a headshot, so we'll only see your face and shoulders in the picture.  If you're not into the silliness, that's fine, you still need an ID picture for when we return to campus.  

We're going to do a spread in the yearbook of the funniest pictures, so get creative and have some fun!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Speech and Debate Competes Virtually

MHHS Speech and Debate team Virtually attended the first season Warm Up event in the Yosemite Forensics League.  We are so proud of the hard work our students are doing to continue the excellence on the team during this time of distance learning, and with a change in coaching staff.  

Welcome to our new coach, Ms. Ingrid Eliasson, and assistant coach Ms. Tara Rico.

Congratulations to our team, members who won One 5th place, Four 4th place, Five 3rd place, and Five 2nd place awards in various different categories.

Students who won first place rankings during our first event this year include the following students:

  • 1st in Varsity Parliamentary - Saksham Madaan & Udit Karthikeyan
  • 1st in Varsity National Extemp - Sahityasree Subramanian (Sree)
  • 1st in Varsity Lincoln Douglas -  Elizabeth Su (Lizzie)
  • 1st in Novice Original Oratory - Sophia Kwok
  • 1st in Novice Original Advocacy - Sudiksha Ravipati
  • 1st in Varsity Original Advocacy - Avni Singh
  • 1st in Varsity International Extemp - Anisha Yeddanapudi
  • 1st in Varsity Impromptu - Ameya Puranik
  • 1st in Varsity Expos - Ananya Domala
Congratulations MHHS Speech and Debate!